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Custom Flooring Plans

Did you know that home buyers list floor plans as the 3rd most important online listing feature?

A floor plan is a drawing to scale that shows a property as seen from above.  It shows the relationship between rooms and spaces and communicates the flow of the property.  A custom floor plan will make your marketing stand out and can increase buyer engagement.

One of the greatest advantages to using a floor plan in your listing is they allow potential buyers to draw and visualize their furniture in the home.  If buyers can see themselves in the home they are far more likely to fall in love with it and make an offer!

Custom Floor Plans

Our trained floor planner will expertly measure the interior of the home and note all features.  Exterior and unfinished areas included upon request.

Delivered within two (2) business days

First 1,000 square feet of floor plan area

Each additional 1,000 square feet of floor plan area

(floor plan area includes above ground living space, basement, attached garage, deck and/or patio and other areas upon request.)

*First edit free; additional edits may be charged at a rate of up to $89 per hour.