Preparing For Your Photo Shoot

Preparing the home for the photo shoot is the responsibility of the real estate agent and homeowner.  Our photographers will not clean or stage homes prior to photographs being taken.  We may make suggestions for minor adjustments as needed, but generally speaking, the home should be photo ready upon our arrival and we will shoot as-is.  Taking the time to prepare prior to our arrival will help ensure the best possible results.  


Remove cars from driveway; park in an area where cars will not be visible through windows 

Remove garbage cans, toys and debris from front and back yards

Stage outdoor furniture 

Cut grass and trim foliage

Remove leaves or snow from main walkways and driveway

Remove holiday and/or seasonal decorations as they will date the listing

Kitchens & Baths

Clear counter tops; limit to up to three (3) counter top items in the kitchen and one or two (1-2) items in bathrooms

Remove/hide garbage cans

Remove throw rugs

Remove dish towels, sponges and cleaning supplies in the kitchen

Clean fridge; remove magnets, pictures, calendars, etc.

Remove pet food bowls and toys

Living Areas

Remove clutter; clear off table tops

Hide small electronics (like laptops and iPads), remote controls and electronics cords

Hide all pet items like beds, toys and dishes

Fluff and arrange throw pillows

Minimize or remove family photos and items with family/children's names

Remove or hide all garbage cans and laundry hampers